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Aware homes »

Marco Aiello

The Smart Homes for All project has shown that ‘aware’ homes with up-to-date contextual information can successfully react to the state of their inhabitants.

Tatiana Djaba Nya, Stephan Stilkerich, Peter Lewis, and Xin Yao

A reference architectural framework and a modelling and simulation environment for self-aware and self-expressive systems are tested on an avionic subsystem.

Ken Wahren

Navigating an unmanned vehicle in areas with people will require a competent control system whose behaviour is assured to be safe.

Jeremy Pitt, Didac Busquets, and Stuart Holland

Nomic raises serious questions for designers of self-organizing rule-based systems and highlights the need for awareness and self-awareness regarding both the self-modification and interpretation of rules.

Kwang Mong Sim

Intelligent agents can automatically establish service contracts, integrate resources, coordinate concurrent workflow and schedule parallel execution of tasks in multiple clouds.

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