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Pablo Almajano, Aikaterini Bourazeri, Maite Lopez-Sanchez, and Inmaculada Rodriguez

Computational awareness can promote sustainability and efficiency in electricity use by encouraging cooperative and collaborative user participation.

Ioannis Chatzigiannakis, Othon Michail, Georgios Mylonas, and Paul Spirakis

Designing highly distributed dependable systems offers a means of dealing with open data.

Katarzyna Musial, Krzysztof Juszczyszyn, and Marcin Budka

A data-driven approach to analysing and characterizing complex networks outperforms simulations based on traditional network models.

Gianluigi Ferrari

An approach based on Internet Protocol version 6 will provide seamless integration of networks for next-generation devices.

Marco Conti, Matteo Mordacchini, and Andrea Passarella

Including cognitive heuristics in Future Internet protocols will allow users' devices to select information efficiently, achieving a fast and effective dissemination of data in an opportunistic network.

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