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Katina Michael and M. G. Michael

Tracking and monitoring people as they operate within their personal networks benefits service providers and their constituents but involves hidden risks and costs.

Symeon Papavassiliou and Vasileios Karyotis

Modelling the complex interactions among physical, logical and social networks leads to a self-correcting, self-improving loopback design.

Dino Pedreschi, Anna Monreale, and Fosca Giannotti

A privacy by design paradigm can be included in knowledge discovery technology to counter potential privacy violations without obstructing the information gained by data mining.

Renaud Lambiotte

The Internet's technological revolution spreads into the social sciences as networking sites and the virtual worlds of web-based games facilitate studies of unprecedented scale.

Ken Satoh

The Japanese concept of ‘kiga-kiku’, whereby a person should predict others' intentions and behave proactively, is being incorporated into the design of multi-agent systems.

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