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Philip Mayer and Annabelle Klarl

The integration of cloud computing with voluntary computing and peer-to-peer computing can help clouds to become more distributed and dynamic while maintaining reliability.

Kirstie Bellman

Reflective systems that explicitly reason about themselves are effective and responsive to changes in the environment and to users.

Andrew J. I. Jones

Current work investigates applying formal logic to the definition of self-deception in humans, and highlights the relevance of the phenomenon to research in informatics.

Sebastian von Mammen and Jan-Philipp Steghöfer

Automatic adaptive abstraction at the meso level can dramatically reduce the complexity of multi-scale computational models and open up a new way of tackling large-scale simulations.

Pablo Almajano, Aikaterini Bourazeri, Maite Lopez-Sanchez, and Inmaculada Rodriguez

Computational awareness can promote sustainability and efficiency in electricity use by encouraging cooperative and collaborative user participation.

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